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The Rodgers crescendo

by Mark Daniels

As the Green Bay Packers are about to embark on a trip to the site of one of their greatest victories, one of their greatest players is still holding out hope he can join them on the field.   With both the Packers and Dallas Cowboys desperate for a victory to keep their playoff hopes alive, the Aaron Rodgers saga is reaching a crescendo.

The MVP of Super Bowl XLV, played at AT&T Stadium in Dallas, is now 38 days removed from a fracture of his left collarbone.  The attention given to his injury and subsequent healing has reached almost Kardashian-like coverage, every throw at practice the past two weeks photographed, a media swarm camped at his locker on days he's decided to talk.  Today was one of those days.  Here's what Rodgers had to say:

Audio:  Aaron Rodgers.

Here's why the story is reaching it's peak.  If Rodgers gets medically cleared Friday after his visit to team physician Dr. Pat McKenzie, which is reportedly going to include one more scan of the left shoulder, he could heroically lead the Packers onto the turf at Cowboys Stadium, beat Dallas and keep the team's post-season hopes alive.  If, on the other hand, the picture shows the clavicle is still cracked, Rodgers stays in sweats, Matt Flynn tries his best and the Packers lose, the playoff hopes will almost certainly be dashed.   The final two weeks of the season will simply become the denouement.   Whether Rodgers plays against Pittsburgh and/or Chicago will be all but meaningless.

Sure, there's a chance Flynn and the Packers can get the job done in Dallas and if that happens, the crescendo will keep building for one more week.