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I LOVE Being In Awe of My Kids!

by Vanessa Ryan

My youngest, who is 10, has been fascinated by horses since she was a toddler.  A couple of years ago, we took her to a friends who has horses and she shocked me by riding for the first time alone.  She did it so well, no one believed me when I said she had never ridden a horse by herself before. As I watched her, it felt like it was the most natural thing for her to do, like she had grown up around horses when she hadn't.  We still visit our friends every so often and to see her handle and ride a horse is incredible. I call her my "horse whisperer" because horses just take to her, they seem just as intrigued of her and she is of them. 

I love being in awe of my kids. :) 

What have your children done to make you feel in awe of them?