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by Jessie Hawkins

If you’re looking to compete for the prize of world’s greatest parent, you’re going to have to get in line behind this guy.

A Jacksonville, Florida, dad decided to do something really special for his son’s 13th birthday, so he rented out a local movie theater, stocked it with food and let his son and friends play their favorite video games on a gigantic movie screen for five hours.

The kids played games like Black Ops 2, Portal and SkyRim all afternoon while feasting on endless pizza, popcorn and soda.

Now that we think about it, this dad wins. Everyone try again next year.

Just Asking … What’s the best birthday your parents ever threw for you? What’s the nicest thing in general your parents ever did for you? What’s the most extravagant birthday you’ve thrown for your kid? Did it pay off or backfire? 

My mom let me have quite a few girl friends come over and spend the night for my birthdays, we'd go snowmobiling around the yard, go sledding, dance in the basement like the teeny boppers we were lol ~Jessie B

Courtesy of: (Gawker)