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America's Past Time...

by David Kuharski

No baseball isn't as popular as it once was.  But, you'd never know it after I enjoyed an evening with Minnesota Twins fans recently.  What does this have to do with parenting?  On the eve of the Super Bowl, which some families celebrate as a holiday, and with some of the heinous pro sports stories out there (yup, in baseball too--steroids anyone?) seeing this the other night and then chatting with a co-worker about the same observation we made separately gives me hope.  Yeah, no professional sport is perfect.  And, there are times I truly want to pull away all together.  But, then you see a conglomeration of fans from all walks of life, wearing their jerseys, braving the cold, chatting together, arguing over that one stupid front office move--or that one botched call from an umpire--and you see, in that moment--in that cross-section, how awesome their passion is!  After this, I was excited to share my love of baseball with my kids.  I started to get excited to watch Cubs games (yes, I'm a Cubs fan--don't laugh--well, OK laugh... wow, your face is 4 shades of red)Yes, the fans below are Twins fans--but couldn't they really be Brewer--or Cub--or Your favorite team's fans too?