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...The Cart Ahead of the Horse

by David Kuharski

ALL the more reason to have a bigger home!

SO... how many of you Moms and Dads have more than 1 child--and only 1 bathroom in your hacienda?  Yup, Julie and I feel your pain!  When nature calls and we just want 5 minutes of quiet--more than likely one of our children will track us up the stairs and knock on the door saying in a hurried tone 'I gotta go to the bathroom!'  This is just after you got into a comfy position.

Well, better yet, what happens when the ONE toilet in the house gets plugged?  Be it with an errant wash cloth, action figure or just TOO much T-P?  There's Dad plunging the toilet.  I pride myself about my plunging skills.  I can remember working on a toilet for a good hour when my Dad told me, 'Remember, it's all about rhythm'.  The work and dancing paid off! Unplugged toilet! 

So there I was up stairs, patiently working on a beat that would unclog the toilet. This is while kids and adults have lined up outside the bathroom anxiously waiting and dancing.  BUT-- it would not clear, it would not budge... 

Leave it to my wonderful wifey's Grandpa, a WWII vet--member of 'The Greatest Generation'--to get a slow flow going.  But here's the catch, I had a work event I had to be at.  So, I rushed out--took care of business, showed off my callous from my apparently, not-so-good R&B section, and was back!  My hope was that it cleared while I was gone.  Nope. It didn't.  With a clear, calmer mind than I had earlier in the afternoon--I said a prayer, pulled out my drums and bass guitar--and went to work on making the toilet dance with the plunger.  It didn't seem like it was going to work.  I wasn't hearing the sweet sound of a drain clearing... THEN, by the grace of GOD, it went down.  Still not sure what got in there.  For all I know at some treatment plant a 'Buzz Lightyear' action figure will turn up in a filter.  BUT, I didn't care! I went downstairs and explained that you can pray for big things--and little things! HE listens!  Worst case, HE wanted me to call the landlord.  But thankfully, that wasn't the case!  

So, when you hear a little voice upstairs saying 'Daddy! The toilet's plugged!' You'll know that we've ALL been there. Say a prayer, get your funky 70's backup band, and prepare to dazzle the bathroom with your moves!  

By Karam.Anthony.K (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons