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AMAZING! Family Dog Protects Lost 3 Year Old Boy

by Vanessa Ryan

You can never underestimate the love of our animals for us. This story is proof!

A 3-year-old North Dakota boy disappeared for almost seven hours, but was found being protected by the family's pet dog.

The little boy was let out to play while his mom worked inside the home. She came out to check on him and the boy was gone, so was the family's dog - a German Shepherd, Labrador and Golden Retriever "mutt".

Mom searched for the boy for an hour then called 911. Less than 30 minutes later, the local police and fire departments had launched an aerial and ground search aided by 200 neighbors, family and friends.

Just before officials planned to call off the search for the night, one last four-wheeler was sent for a final sweep of the property. That four-wheeler found him about a mile away from the house, in the middle of one of a field by a pasture.

The boy was found safely underneath the dog, who was lying on the boy, probably to protect him from the 40-degree temperatures.

The little boy told his mom that he was a little scared when it got dark because he doesn't like the dark. He wasnt injured.


~BS and Vanessa