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Do You Think I'm Racist To My Dog?

by Vanessa Ryan

I like to share pictures of my pets as much as I share pictures of my kids with my family and friends on Facebook because I'm a proud mommy.  This week, I posted the above picture of our rescue Max, who is a Chihuahua, with the caption... "My little burrito puppy watching soccer on grandma's lap."  I got lots of likes ...and one nasty message from a friend who said I was racist. WHAT?

They wrote to me... "I'm surprised that since you are such an advocate for animal rights that you would be racist to Mexican dogs calling yours a burrito."

Ummm.... ????

I wrapped him up like a burrito not because he is a Chihuahua, but because he was cold. No racism here. Can you even be racist towards an animal?  I'm so confused.