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Holland's Petapalooza Provides a Heartwarming Call to Action

by Matt Buck

Last Sunday was my first adventure into the world of Petapalooza and there were many expected sights and sounds, along with some that were much more unexpected.

I am a dog owner/dog lover. I have a just-over-two-years-old Scottish Terrier named Duffmahn. The only time he's needed to be rescued is in the presence of a larger, much more ferocious dog.

The dogs and cats at Holland's Petapalooza came in all shapes, sizes and ages, but they were all looking for the same outcome: a home to call their own. Some of them were rescued. Many were not.

Obviously there are many reasons someone can create to avoid pet ownership and many of those are valid. That being said, the pet mill business is also booming. This means people are still getting cats and dogs.

Petapalooza is a great way to thwart this. Shelters from across the southwest Michigan area set up booths at the event and brought many great dogs, one of which I nicknamed Chewbacca.

You can also contribute to the cause without actually buying an animal. Email Petapalooza at petapalooza.holland@gmail.com or visit their Facebook page HERE.