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Frustrated Dogs = Frustrated Humans

by Sean Stevens

I used to have a Boxer/Lab mix named Big Bob who from the very beginning was TROUBLE!  He was the sweetest dog, but whenever he was left alone, something was going to get chewed.  Now it didn't matter if you gave him a chew bone or toys because he only ate those or played with them when we were at home.  When he was alone he seemed to snap and something in the house had to be destroyed.  He ripped up carpet, chewed the molding off around doors,  knocked the Christmas tree over and ate the decorations, and then one day I came home to a half eaten couch. 

Family members said we should get rid of him.  Well, I've never given a dog away.  To me, they are family.  You love them, take care of them and live with their insecurities and problems just like you would with any member of your family.  Of course you try to find solutions to the bad behavior and it may take awhile, but so what.  This is YOUR dog and you accepted responsiblity when you brought him home.  Now he's family

Turns out, Big Bob was just lonely.  We went to a local shelter and adopted another dog (Sunni) who was a Bassett/German Shepherd mix. (kinda funny looking)  The two became best friends and the destruction subsided.   What a GREAT dog he was.  Despite the naughty behavior, I miss him!