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Cats and Christmas Trees. Here's what you NEED to know!

by Stacy Cole

They climb them, they pull off the ornaments, they chew on them, they can eat tinsel and DIE, they can knock them over...is it worth it? Having just adopted a younger, more agile cat, I am pondering the value of having a fresh tree this year. My older cats don't mess with the tree too much and the one that REALLY messed with it, he is no longer with us. BUT, Chester WILL certainly think we brought it in the house for him. What should we do? Here's a great article from the Cat Channel. http://www.catchannel.com/experts/marilyn-krieger/cats-and-christmas-trees.aspx 

This is Chester...he's a Siamese mix from Humane Society of Marathon County.  Feel free to send your cat/Christmas tree photos! stacy.cole@wifc.com