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Summer Fireworks..Go for Smoke or Not?? it's all about the Shutter Speed....

by Dave Kallaway

Nice little photography debate going on about whether to capture smoke or not..when photographing fireworks. I live for smoke..it adds to the drama. And to get it..you know the formula? For me..basic camera settings are Manual & in Bulb Mode to give you complete control over the shutter and how long you want it opened. I set the ISO at 200..no need to crank that...Aperture at f10 to f16. Then..adjust your shutter time (time you hold the shutter open) to either get smoke in the shot or not. The less you hold the shutter open..the less smoke you'll capture. You might also have to adjust the f-stop depending on how much light you're getting from the fireworks. I always tell people.."fireworks shows get brighter at the end..so increase your f-stop to f13, f16..something like that to keep from blowing out the pictures. So where are you on the debate...do you like smoke or not?? (Shot this at the Wausau Balloon Rally 2014)