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Bucks take Jabari Parker #2 overall and somehow avoid their yearly draft night nightmare.

by Jon Henseler

Sage advice that the Bucks could have used on draft night from about 1988-present. Luckily John Hammond employed Schrute mentality last night and did the smart thing by taking the best pick on the board that actually fills a position of need in Duke forward Jabari Parker. Guy stands at 6-9, can score from anywhere on the floor, rebounds well and fills a need at a wing position that we've needed pretty much since Glenn Robinson was traded to Atlanta. Actually Jalen Rose compared Jabari to Big Dog last night which I am fine with. Always sort of thought he was an underrated player. Averaged about 21 points per game and shot around 46% from the field for his career. If Parker can turn in those numbers with additional rebounding he will be just fine. Could use him to be a little more serviceable on defense than Big Dog was though. Dude had the defensive quickness of a sloth who just visited Willie Nelson's tour bus. Wouldn't have shocked me one bit if George Karl* had the Norman Dale '4 on 5' mentality cross his mind more than once watching Big Dog operate on that end of the floor.

But aside from that Parker fits the bill of this team's needs in every conceivable fashion. So why would I be nervous that we wouldn't take him? Because outside of dealing Marbury for Jesus Shuttlesworth our drafts for the most part have been maddening. Calling them letdowns would be like saying Google Plus hasn't performed to expectations. Yi Jianlian, Joe Alexander, trading Dirk for Tractor Traylor, Marcus Haislip, Jason Collier, the list goes on. Now to be fair Larry Sanders has turned out (-ish), Brandon Jennings wasn't horrible and Giannis could be a potential star. So recent history has been better. But Bucks fans have been burned enough in the past to be leery about last night even though it was a layup. And the cherry on top of Parker is that he actually seems like he wants to be here! Like there were actual reports of him purposely tanking his draft workout in Cleveland so that he could go to Milwaukee. I feel like Costanza in the Marissa Tomei episode. An Oscar winning smokeshow actress being interested in a short, stalky, balding funny man. Do you know what the odds are on that! It would be like the world's premier internet hacker voluntarily using dial up. So this works on all levels. Parker, Giannis, Brandon Knight as a new big 3. Sanders and Henson up front with Wolters getting more experience at PG. Look out NBA! The Bucks are on the rise! We might win 25 games next season! Fear the deer! Fear the deer!

*I know this probably isn't in the interest of the 'long play' nor am I assuming he would want to toil away for 3 years minimum of 25-30 win teams, but considering the delicate time the franchise is in in terms of trying to get a new arena, I don't see the harm in the new owners maybe throwing some cash at George Karl to get him back on the sideline. Like that dude RAN Milwaukee when he was here. He got standing ovations when he came to the sideline before the game. He was basically carried in like Xerxes in 300. Again, he probably wants no part of a rebuilding project, and for all we know Larry Drew is a great coach who was dealt a 2/7 off suit, but in the interest of revitalizing interest in the franchise it wouldn't hurt to explore.