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Henry Rowengartner throws out first pitch at a Cubs game over the weekend.

by Jon Henseler

First of all, take a lap Cubs PA announcer. 'Thomas Ian Nicholas throwing out the first pitch.' Ummmmm who? That's Henry Rowengartner you idiot. Have some respect for the greatest movie of the 90's.

Aside from that though this is absolutely perfect. Not sure why so many fans were booing him after he floated it? Maybe they were just really upset they were at a Cubs game? Because there was absolutely no other play here. If I would have clicked play on this video and seen Gardenhoser try and throw an actual pitch instead of floating it it would have ruined my day. Probably my week. In fact I'm not sure why the Cubs just don't sign him for the rest of the season. At least Cubs fans would get some novelty for coming to a game. Hell sign the whole cast. Rowengartner, Brickma, Gary Busey probably believes he actually is Chet Steadman at this point. Fact is 90's nostalgia is hotter than Walter White's 'blue' right now so if you aren't going anywhere in the standings may as well throw a tent on that circus and cash in.

PS: I guarantee you this kid woke up to watch the last pitcher to lead the Cubs to a division title throw out the first pitch.