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Ozzie Smith starts a petition to make Opening Day a National Holiday

by Jon Henseler

So as you might expect, getting on board with anything started by a St. Louis Cardinal is pretty hard to stomach for this die-hard Brewer fan. They broke my -2 year old heart in 1982, and then broke my 27 year old heart in 2011 in what, if we're being honest, was probably my best shot to see a World Series in Milwaukee. They are to me what snakes are to Indiana Jones, kryptonite is to Superman, and Hostess is to Wilfred Brimley. 

That being said, Ozzie Smith was such a likable guy, he's a little beyond reproach no matter who he played for. Sort of like Brett Favre in that regard. Both HOF-ers, both had fun playing the game, and even if your most hated rivals are being honest, they'll admit they loved watching them play. So when Smith decided to start a campaign to make Opening Day a national holiday, you better believe I'm on board. Haven't been this passionate about a petition since someone (spoiler alert: it was me) started a petition to have the entire collection of Boy Meets World put on DVD. I guess all he needs to collect is 100,000 signatures and then Obama is forced to look at it and potentially sign it in to law*. And let's face it, Obama needs about all he can get for his approval rating and a tip of the cap to the national pastime as well as a day off for America is probably just what he needs to get back to 27%. Hell we celebrate Columbus Day and all he did was get lost and kill thousands of people. So I don't see why Opening Day couldn't be thrown into the mix as well. 

*Literally no clue if that is accurate but is Schoolhouse Rock taught me anything then I'm probably 60% of the way there.

PS: If James Earl Jones personally delivers this petition to Congress while reciting this speech, there's a negative infinity chance it doesn't get passes. Totes Magotes.