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Keys to the game

by Jason Miller

So as I'm sitting here waiting for the game to start, I'm thinking about everything but this game.  I'm thinking rather, how am I going to win my fantasy match up.  All kidding aside I'm very worried about the game this week.  As I'm typing this I don't see James Jones trying out his leg.  Scott Tolzien is out there throwing to guys who won't see the field.  There are O linemen practicing their stance.  Mason Crosby just came outand is walking around.  In fact I don't see many Packers at all.  Cleveland should not give this team many fits at all but you know as well as I do, that is not how the NFL works.  They have a horrible QB, no real RB to speak of and the only guy you know is Joe Thomas and he's on the O-line.  So what is prediction?  I believe with Jordy and Boykin and the running game, this game should be a win for the Packers.  Score: 31- 16. From the Visiting Side of Things Reporter, I'm Jason Miller