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Let me take you into Lambeau...

by Jason Miller

Well if I was a betting man, I would bet you that the Redskins wish it would have kept raining.  However, I don't know if that would have done them much good.  It looked early that they were going to be a thorn in the side of Rodgers and the rest of that offense, but the Packers did something they haven't done in a really long time, they adjusted.  And they not only adjusted, but Rodgers told Brian Orakpo it was coming and the Redskins still were powerless against it.

You can tell RG III isn't himself yet.  You can tell that Washington isn't bothered by it either.  If I heard it once I heard ten times yesterday, we have been here before and we are not worried about nothing.  We have to go out and make the plays we know we can make and just put this one behind us and get ready for the next game.  I know this team was 3-6 last year and won the East but this team couldn't beat some of the high school teams we have in WI right now.  Flustered, would be my word to describe them.  

But I move on to much cooler things.  First up is my trip to the locker room area, first I have to take the mez:  

Then I get to this sign, which way do I go, which way do I go:

So now I'm in the elevator and down I go to the visiting area:

Then it's to the visiting media area:

I wish the TV in my house was that big, geez Schneider you making up for something?  Just asking.  So then I sit in there and finally coach Shanahan comes waltzing in:

Then off to the locker room, oopppss I probably should NOT go this way:

So I found my way and we heard from: Coach Shanahan, Garcon, Moss, Morris, Morgan, Orakpo and Cofield from Washington. They sounded up beat for the most part and GOD only knows why?

We have a break on covering the visiting side of things so until the Lions come to town, from your Visiting side of things reporter, I'm Jason Miller, just showing you what I see.