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Pro Bowled Over

by Robb Reel

This is nothing short of brilliant.

The long-languishing Pro Bowl will get a makeover this season, thanks to a joint effort from the NFL and the NFLPA.  The plan is a complete overhaul from what we've seen.  Among myriad changes to speed up the actual game and make it more exciting in general, the AFC-vs.-NFC format is being abandoned for...

[Wait... for... it...]

... a fantasy draft.

The two leading vote-getters will be the captains and, with the help of some Hall of Famers and some NFL.com fantasy champs, will draft teams of 43 players each, irrespective of conference.  Since kickoffs [and, subsequently, kickoff returns] have been eliminated, that will affect selections.  Not everyone is happy about that, or some of the other changes.

[A big play for Adrian Peterson during the 2011 Pro Bowl - Photo: REUTERS/Hugh Gentry]

It does sound interesting.  Frankly, it sounds as though the first year will be a hot mess.  I can't wait to watch, if only to see dogs and cats living together and such mass hysteria.