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10 players the Packers should keep an eye on in free agency.

by Ryan Fantozzi

Now that we have experienced almost a full two weeks without football I figured I would pass along 10 players I feel the Packers should, could or would make sense for them to sign this off season. No, you will not see Jimmy Graham on this list. No, you will not see Jairus Byrd on this list. Finally, you will not see a trade for JJ Watt either. Some guy on the radio yesterday thought would be a sure thing and yeah I'll spend my Valentine's night with Olivia Wilde. Here is what you will see on this list: a group of players that can come in and contribute to this team. 

The Packers have an estimated $27 million in cap space. This could be the year Teddy T opens up his wallet and brings in a couple free agents. Let's get to the list!

1. Donte Whitner, Safety. When a player wants to legally change his last name to Hitner my ears immediately perk up. The Packers don't have an attitude or a swagger in their secondary which are two things Whitner will bring with him. While he has a low interception total (10 in 8 seasons) he will bring an intimidating force this secondary desperately needs. 

2013 team- San Francisco 49ers.

2. Mike Mitchell, Safety. Mitchell signed a one-year show me something deal with the Carolina Panthers last year. He proved he deserves a long term contract after registering 4 sacks, had four picks and had nine pass deflections this season. Has pretty good size at 6 foot even and weighs 210 pounds. At 26-years-old he'll be looking to cash in on his first big contract.

2013 team- Carolina Panthers.

3. Chris Clemons, Safety. Do you see a theme? Safety is the biggest need on this team. At 6'1 Clemons has the size in the secondary that teams are starting to covet after witnessing the success of the Seahawks. He could be one of the best bargains at his position which will make him more attractive to TT. He was fourth on the Miami Dolphins last year with 92 tackles but only had 1 pick. He's a solid player who would bring a nice veteran presence to this defense.

2013 team- Miami Dolphins.

4. Malcolm Jenkins, Safety- One of the more athletic safeties in free agency. Jenkins player corner at Ohio State and made the move to safety and has had a solid career so far. He showed some ability to blitz and had 2.5 sacks this season. Dom Capers has shown in the past to blitzing anyone from Micah Hyde to Charles Woodson in his Packers tenure. Jenkins could get a bit pricey but would be an obvious upgrade. Played in a 3-4 defense this past year under Rob Ryan.

2013 team- New Orleans Saints.

5. T.J. Ward, Safety- Ward likes to hit people and amassed a huge amount of tackles this year from the safety position with 112. Ward played in the Pro Bowl for the first time this past season and will want to cash in after having his best season. He had a career high with 1.5 sacks and had 2 picks. Plus he's one of the only Browns players I never hear my family and friends complain about who are Cleveland fans. So he must be pretty good, right? 

2013 team- Cleveland Browns.

6. Shaun Phillips, DE/OLB. Hey I decided another position will be worth pursuing in free agency. Cornerback Tramon Williams flat out said this defense needs more veterans. Phillips signed a one year deal last year with the Broncos and proved he has enough left in the tank. He racked up 10 sacks and would be the presence opposite of CM3 the Pack have been searching for. Phillips played most of his career in a 3-4 defense with the San Diego Chargers and would be standing up again in Green Bay.

2013 team- Denver Broncos. 

7. Tyson Jackson, DE. Jackson was basically a bust in his first 2-3 seasons but has turned it on the last two years. As a 3-4 defensive end, Jackson doesn't get a chance to blitz much but has put up 7.5 sacks the last two years. The Packers need another long armed DE to go along with Datone Jones. At 6'4 and 296 pounds Jackson has the size of a prototypical 3-4 end and could see a nice payday in his future. He is one of the players on this list the Packers would have to shell out a good amount of money for.

2013 team- Kansas City Chiefs.

8. Terrence Cody, DT. Cody will more than likely be the guy on this list who would command the least amount of money. The man known as Mt. Cody during his time at Alabama hasn't had the impact in the NFL many thought he would. At 6'4, 340 pounds he would be the massive defensive tackle I believe the Packers need. Would a change of scenery or system help Cody realize his potential? I think he is worth pursuing for the right price and at 25-years-old he is still young enough to turn his career around.

2013 team- Baltimore Ravens. 

9. Ed Dickson, TE. If the Packers take the same approach to tight end Jermichael Finley's neck injury as they did with former safety Nick Collins this is a position that will need to be upgraded. Finley and fellow tight end Andrew Quarless are both free agents this year. Dickson had a great sophomore campaign putting up almost 600 yards and 5 touchdowns but hasn't matched that production the last two years. If both guys leave he could be a cheap option while the Packers groom a younger tight end they could be eyeing in the draft. 

2013 team- Baltimore Ravens.

10. Ted Ginn Jr., WR. Cue the eye rolls. The former first rounder had a nice resurgence in Carolina last year. Ginn made the list in case a couple scenarios happen with the Packers. If they can't resign Sam Shields I imagine Micah Hyde's role on defense will increase big time and the Packers might not want to expose him on returns. Also James Jones is a free agent. I think he is one of the top people they need to bring back but if not, Ginn could slide into a number 4 role and his lightening speed on returns would provide a boost. 

2013 team- Carolina Panthers.

Who would you want to see the Packers go after this off season?