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Can Flynn do it again?

by Ryan Fantozzi

After being win less for 5 straight weeks with a combination of Seneca Wallace, Scott Tolzien and Matt Flynn at the helm, the Packers somehow control their own destiny. Yes, yes I know destiny is already determined but I don't care so get off my back politically correct people! 

The past two weeks have been a different story with the Pack winning by a combined 2 points and this week they have the Pittsburgh Steelers. Can Flynnsanity, Flynning or any other nickname of Matt Flynn you can think of make it three in a row for a Lou Brown winning streak?

1. Wrap up Roethlisberger- Big Ben is definitely not one of the fastest quarterbacks in the league however he has the uncanny ability to side step pressure and make backyard football plays few in the league can do. The Packers will have to wrap up the big guy or hit his arm like the Nick Collins pick for a TD in the Super Bowl. The Steelers again have given up a plentiful amount of sacks with their QB's going down 41 times. 

2. Run Lacy run- Eddie Lacy has been a gift from above this year with his tough running and underrated speed and agility. Pittsburgh ranks 19th against the run and if the snow comes down today like it's supposed to very few will want to tackle the big fella. Steelers coach Mike Tomlin said earlier this week the team didn't make a mistake passing on Lacy. Time to prove they did. 

3. Don't give up the big play- Antonio Brown is one of the best wide receivers in the league. He might not have the big name Calvin Johnson or Dez Bryant, but the guy is quick, fast and knows how to get open. The guy is in the tops of the NFL in receptions, yards and touchdowns. Make Big Ben's other weapons beat you. 

And to steal a line from my buddy Josh, "Don't Stop BelieFlynn."