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Can the Pack get a turkey day win?!

by Ryan Fantozzi

I love Thanksgiving. Even though I am rarely home for it anymore it is my favorite holiday. Stuffing my face with food and watching football on a day where I don't feel the need to work out is a huge plus in my book. Luckily I mooch on friends who have the more traditional young adult lives so I go to their places and eat their Thanksgiving meals. OK, enough about food I'm starving as it is let's get to how the Pack pulls off the upset over the Detroit Lions. 

1. O-line- Josh Sitton isn't a fan of the Lions defense, or their head coach. After calling them loving names such as scumbags and dirtballs I hope Sitton and the rest of the Packers o-line have some extra nasty in them on this day of thanks. I am not a fan of giving a team bulletin board material especially when your team isn't in a position of power in the division. The guys up front will need to be sure on their assignments to keep Matt Flynn upright and give Eddie Lacy some holes to run through. If not he'll truck people out of the way and create his own. 

2. Takeaways- I have said this the last two weeks and by golly it needs to start happening! Yes the Packers aren't forcing the big splash plays on defense and it needs to change. Matt Stafford threw four picks to Tampa Bay last week. Yes Tampa who has 3 wins and played most of that game without Darrelle Revis! Sam Shields looks like a go for this week which will bring much needed depth to this team. 

3. Big plays- The Lions have a phenomenal front four whether they are scumbags or not. However this team has been susceptible in the secondary for several years now. Flynn doesn't have the best arm strength on the team but the receiving crew has the ability to break tackles.They hold each other accountable for going down on the first tackle attempt. Mix in some Eddie Lacy to basically Force Push (yes I like Star Wars) defenders out of the way and this team has a good shot to pull of the upset.