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NCAA Football 14

by Cade

EA Sports is out with it's prelude to the 25th Anniversary of Madden Football.  The appetizer to the main feast is, NCAA Football 14.  The developers have done an unbelievable job on this year's version.  The main theme of the 2013 EA titles are, extreme realism.  From the graphics on the field, the control of each player you possess, to the fans inside the stadium, it's hard to tell that this is only a video game.  Even the announcing and flow of the game is a seamless journey from reality to gaming.  The one place college games fall apart are with the actual players.  

Because of licencing issues, the players depicted on the game cannot profit and/or benefit from the sales of said game.  If it looks like a duck, sounds like a duck and walks like a duck...it's a damn duck!  Or, in this case, Johnny Manziel.  But, you won't find his name anywhere within the game.  Instead, the stud QB at Texas A&M is the electrifying, QB #2.  It's not EA's fault.  Rules are rules.  But, when the game's developers and all of the Division 1A schools within the game make money off people like me, it's silly that the kids who the game is literally based off of don't see a dime.  At the very least, give the guys that are in the game a free copy so they don't have to drop $60 to see themselves.

*image courtesy of: Pixabay.com