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Things We've Learned From The NFL (Week 2)

by Cade

After each week of action across the NFL, I'll give you three thoughts running through my head.  I'll also keep a running tab on my Super Bowl favorites.

My first thought...

Seattle's D is really freakin' good.  They made QB Colin Kaepernick  of the 49er's look human in their match-up Sunday night.  Kap has taken the league by storm, running and passing on defenses at will.  He led his team to the Super Bowl last year and not many teams were able to figure out how to stop the revolutionary signal-caller.  That was until, Sunday night.  The Seahawks kept Kaepernick bottled up all night.  He completed less than half of his passes, tossed three picks, was sacked three times and lost a fumble.  Granted, he did scamper for 87 yards on the ground, but had no scores either through the air or on the ground.  Seattle's defense was built to contain Kaepernick.  It worked like a charm this week.


Jacksonville is atrocious.  Regardless of who's under center for the Jags, Blaine Gabbert  or Chad Henne   this team sucks.  Believe it or not, they might be getting worse.  Star running back, Maurice Jones-Drew suffered a tendon strain towards the end of Sunday’s game and is questionable for the next game.  That next game just happens to be in Seattle, home of one of the best teams in the league.  This will get ugly fast.  The only hope Jaguars fans can cling to at this point is that wide-receiver Justin Blackmon  will be back Week 5 after serving a four game suspension for violating the league’s substance abuse policy.  If that’s not enough, they always have April’s draft to look forward to.  You might as well order your JaDaveon Clowney  or Teddy Bridgewater  Jacksonville jerseys now.  Nobody will be worse this year.  Clowney and Bridgewater are two of the prizes in the draft for a team that is absolutely insufferable this season.

Thought number three…

As much fun as it to see someone like running back Adrian Peterson  of the Vikings run over defenders, this is still and always will be a passing league.  Case in point, Aaron Rodgers  of the Packers put up a career best 480 yards passing and threw 4 touchdowns as Green Bay destroyed Washington 38-20 at Lambeau Field.  Peyton Manning  of the Broncos has tossed 9 TDs in two games without a turnover, racking up nearly 800 yards in the process.  A good, if not great quarterback will bring you farther than any other skilled position.  As banged up and out-of-sorts as the Patriots are, I still wouldn't bet against them until “Touchdown” Tommy Brady  is no longer at the helm.  It’s still early in the season.  I have no doubt that Brady will make stars out of receivers by season’s end that we hardly even know the names of now.


My Super Bowl XLVIII prediction.  Please understand that this feature will change week to week depending on what teams do on any given week.  But, as it stands now, I predict to see the Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos in the big game this February in the Meadowlands.

Agree or disagree?  Feel free to comment below or hit me up on Twitter.  @cade1037 

*image courtesy of: Pixabay.com