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What We’ve Learned From The NFL (Week 9)

by Cade

What We’ve Learned From The NFL (Week 9)

My first thought...

The Green Bay Packers have always done a decent job in replacing an injured player on their roster.  When one guy goes down, the next one steps in to take his place without missing a beat.  That’s a great philosophy if you have the depth to do it.  But, few teams in the NFL have a backup quarterback that can dutifully fill the shoes of Aaron Rodgers.  Seneca Wallace played somewhat admirably after Rodgers went down with a fractured clavicle on Monday Night Football.  However, one half of a game is a big difference from the rest of the season.  Early reports on Rodgers are that he will be out at least three weeks while he convalesces at home on the couch.  The Pack is now tied with Chicago and Detroit at 5-3 on the season.  As the Bears’ Jay Cutler works his way back from injury, you have to like the chances of Detroit making an early playoff push in the NFC North.  Then again, it’s the Lions.  They’ll probably find some way to screw it up.


The NFC has a few good teams.  Seattle, San Francisco and New Orleans certainly stand out.  But, the cream of the NFL crop this year resides in the AFC.  I’m still shocked that Kansas City is undefeated and boasts a league best record of 9-0.  Obviously, a team that hasn’t lost yet this deep into the season is really, really good.  Denver is in the same division at 7-1 and those two teams still face each other twice.  Indianapolis has surprised quite a few with big wins over San Francisco, Seattle and the aforementioned Broncos.  New England leads the AFC East at 7-2 and Cincinnati sits atop the AFC East at 6-3.  These are all damn good football teams that I’d hate to see in the playoffs.

Thought number three…

Think you have a stressful job?  Try telling that to any of the 32 NFL head coaches in the NFL.  Every tiny, little decision they make is dissected and pummeled to pulp.  Cameras are constantly shoved in your face and you’re responsible for the livelihoods of 53 men on the active roster, another handful of players on the practice squad, the entire coaching staff, putting together a game-plan, scouting for next year’s draft and God only knows what else.  Needless to say, the elite fraternity of NFL head coaches is a stressful one.  Case in point, two coaches went down last week.  Denver’s, John Fox was rushed to the ER for a heart condition.  Surgery was successful, but questions remain as to when he will return to the sidelines.  Then, at the end of the Texans game, Gary Kubiak collapsed with what is now known to be a mild-stroke. So, next time when your coach fails to throw the red-flag on a questionable call, you might want to think about that before you yell at him through the TV that you want to rip his bleepin’ head off.


My Super Bowl XLVIII prediction.  Please understand that this feature could change each week depending on what teams do on any given Sunday.  As it stands now, I’m sticking with my picks of The New Orleans Saints and Denver Broncos in the big game this February in the Meadowlands.  With the exception of a Week 1 pick of Seattle in the Big Game, I’ve stood firm on my picks of Denver and New Orleans.  They only have seven more weeks to make me look a fool.

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