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Hall of Fame Balloting Flawed

by Craig Mattick

Major League Baseball should be embarrassed over the turnout at their Hall of Fame induction ceremony last Sunday.  Normally, you'll have crowds approaching 20-thousand in Cooperstown.  This year, the crowd maybe was close to 25-hundred.  Maybe it was because MLB inducted 3 guys who've been dead for 50-years.  

Two questions.

One, why did it take 50-years for the dead guys to be inducted?

Two, is the current list of players eligible for the Hall of Fame that bad?

I can give you an answer to #2.  The voting for baseball's shrine is flawed and should be changed.  You've got a bunch of baseball writers who won't vote for certain players for really dumb reasons, like what their personality was like.  Didn't matter what they did on the field, you have voters who will determine someone's fate because they didn't give a newspaper guy an interview.

It's time for MLB to handle their Hall of Fame like the NFL.  

The NFL has a 46-member selection committee.  It's made up of media representatives from around the country and 13 at-large selections.  There job?  Discuss and determine who gets in.  The selection committee will be polled three times before the final list of nominees is determined .  In order to get into the NFL Hall of Fame, players must receive a minimum of 80% of the vote.  When was the last time an NFL player who had Hall of Fame stats, didn't get in because he was a pain the butt off the field?

Pick any Hall of Fame, there is always debate on who should be elected.  Way too many baseball writers make their decision on off the field issues, rather what they did on the diamond.