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Three Things I Know- Heading into Week 5 of the fantasy football season

by Chris Tubbs

Well, we’re heading into Week 5, and still have a lot of unanswered questions.

Waiver wire wackiness

First of all, if you’re looking for a running back off the waiver wire, accept my apologies.  Second, the only one that piques my interest is Benny Cunningham from the Rams. Not because he’s a bona fide star in the making, but rather he’s the only one out there (Choice, Jennings, etc.) that hasn’t been a stop gap with limited upside. I say this with the knowledge that we know nothing about the Rams backfield situation (other than Richardson may not start). But he was the backup in week 4.  Soooo….

Turning the corner?

I might be the last David Wilson apologist left, so I might as well do down with the ship, right? Well here I go. Sure he had an unimpressive season high carries (13) and yards (55), but the Giants released their second leading rusher in Da'Rel Scott. Scott's release was a shock because of the amount of snaps he was playing. It appears Wilson may get his chance to become the every down back Week 5 against the Eagles, but this may be it.

I’m a believer

I said before the Browns Week 3 game vs. Minnesota that the Vikings have a way of making stars out of obscure quarterbacks, and guess what? 321 yards and three touchdowns later the Browns pulled off the shocker. But then he follows that up with 269 yards and two scores against Cincinnati. And he’s got the Bills, Lions and Packers in the next three weeks? OK, I’ll bite, even if it’s for a short time frame.

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