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Congrats, Milwaukee!

by Nick Vitrano

It’s an age-old debate in the arena of sports: is it ever acceptable to root against one's own team?  The argument can live in many contexts.  There's cheering failure for the sake of a better draft pick, a nice consolation prize to a season full of sucking.  There's pulling for a random piece of historical failure.  For example, a no-hitter at your team's expense; a perfect game; a dude going for the cycle; an opposing pitcher with 299 wins.  That kind of thing.  And there is the extended streak of poor play that falls shy of the entire season, but still "achieves" a mark.

Milwaukee Brewers fans find themselves swimming precisely in those waters today.

Congratulations to the Milwaukee Brewers for compiling the statistical worst month in franchise history.  That’s right, no matter the outcome of tonight’s ballgame against Philly, your True Blue Brew Crew cannot avoid infamous futility.

Throughout this month-long swoon, I’ve labored to adopt a glass-half-full “thought of the day” to ease the pain.  Here’s one for ya today – Rickie Weeks has a 7-game hitting streak!  But you know what?  At some point I don’t think it’s crazy to “root” for failure.  Maybe that’s wrong choice of words.  "Embrace" is perhaps the best way to put it.  There’s a certain comfort in expecting, even hoping for loss.  It’s infinitely less stressful than winning, that’s for sure.  And when a team is as appalling as the present Milwaukee Brewers, it might as well be historically dreadful.  At least then it’s not just a casual aside of “remember how bad it was that one May in the early 2010s?”  We’ll never forget the 2013 Milwaukee Brewers.  And it can only get better from here, right?  Right?  Tell me they'll win at least 7 games in June.  Seriously...tell me.