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The Best Ceremonial First Pitches

by Nick Vitrano

For good reason, folks are criticizing 50 Cent for his debacle of a ceremonial first pitch.

But let me say this...or ask this, I suppose. How much did you make on Jeopardy? Yeah, but you're so good on the couch!

You might have a rocket arm, certainly capable of hitting a mitt from 60 feet 6 inches away, but when 30,000 eyes are on you, television cameras (and camera phones just begging you to screw up so their YouTube posts can go viral), PA announcer throwing it down to you, the only sound the low drone of chatter and vendors in the distance, the weight of the moment crushes even the most capable of participants. It ain't easy, folks.

So let's look at that glass another way - half-full - and applaud the best ceremonial first pitches of all-time: