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Helpful Ghosts

by Lauri Loewenberg

“My eyes make pictures, when they are shut.” – Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Dear Lauri,
I dreamed I was stuck in an old Victorian house that was haunted by numerous ghosts, but I wasnt scared of them. I was actually using them to try and find the way out of the house. - Nicole 29, Toledo, OH

Lauri: You must be stuck in some situation or mindset in waking life. Whatever it is, it's an old issue or mindset, hence the old Victorian house. The ghosts represent issues from the past that still linger within your psyche today, issues, that "haunt you" so to speak. Issues that should be over with, dead and buried and put in the past but you are allowing them to still exist. The good news is that it seems you are learning from these past issues or past mistakes and are letting them guide you to a better situation or mindset.

Nicole replies: Your dream interpretation is spot on! I have put myself into a similar situation that I once had in the past, by cheating on my husband, and am looking for a way out of the affair. The ex from the previous affair and I are still friends and we go to each other for advice, which might be why I was asking the ghosts for direction.

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