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Didn't get a good spot to shoot fireworks..but that lead to other photo opportunities!

by Dave Kallaway

I'm a stickler for trying to get good fireworks pictures. But for the recent Riverfront Rondevous in Stevens Point..I really didn't go with a plan..didn't plan ahead..so my wife and I just went and thought let's see if we can get a good spot to shoot the fireworks. WELL..there was plenty in the way of the fireworks...Trees, People, and not a good view of the fireworks or the river they were shooting them over. So we dealt with it. And in the end..it worked out. I see tons of fireworks from Facebook and my only thing for people posting them is "tell the story with your picture." Can you include something that says where you are? Can you put a family member or friend in it to tell people who you watched the fireworks with? Something? More than JUST the fireworks?" Trust me..it makes for much more of a memorable photo that just a Ka-Boom in a dark sky....