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Preppin' for Photo Opportunities....

by Dave Kallaway

I had the chance this summer to photograph a variety of events. From concerts to balloon rallies to flying in this beautiful B-25 from World War 2. Getting ready is the key to making these photo ops succcessful. Doesn't seem like you can prepare enough for example to be inside a B-25..little lone try to take pictures inside one. It's cramped. I had 2 cameras strapped to me. At one point I accidently flipped a switch on one of my cameras to "manual" focus..and didn't know it. So for the rest of the trip..all the photos on that camera were blurry!!! UGH!!! But that's why it's good to bring extra cameras and extra memory cards. What if one camera has problems..what if you can't access your pics on one of your memory cards. I've learned that if your pictures don't turn out due to gear failure...hopefully the other one you brought will have cool pics. So the motto should be "shoot a lot..check your gear often." It's not a matter of "IF" you'll have camera issues to deal with..it's "WHEN" you will have issues. Charge your batteries. Clean your lenses. Get there early. Wear clean underwear. Checklist complete...have fun with photo opportunities that come your way!!