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Wausau Balloon Rally..it's time!!

by Dave Kallaway

Ready, Set, take a gazillion pictures!! That'll be me this weekend at the Wausau Balloon Rally! 15-18 Hot Air Balloons are expected this year..nightly glows happening at the Wausau Airport along with the Big Bull Falls Ribfest at the airport too..and Chalkfest at the 400 Block downtown Wausau. So enough, right?? Yes!! Here's a plan for you. Bring enough money for Ribs at the Airport. They'll have professional world class ribbers down there..you'll spend between $12-22 for ribs. Bring bug spray & a lawn chair. A lot of people come out to see the "Balloon Glows" and the Fireworks on Saturday night...so having a place to sit and not get eaten alive is a good thing. AND..bring your camera. For me personally..this is a great photo op weekend..I know you'll find some Kodak moments as well!!