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When A Post Has Gotta Come Down...

by Dave Kallaway

Sometimes when you are a posting fool online..with news, weather, sports updates..things you saw that you want everybody else to see..you have to go "whoa..enough of that..and take a post down." I learned this this past weekend. One of the most hurtful local news stories came out about several children in a rollover car accident..2 of those children died. I posted the new link we had on the story early on and instead of it just serving as information of what happened..it turned into a name calling, mis-information, he said she heard session of comments..NOT my intention by posting the news story. But it is what it is. Facebook gives everyone the license to spew and point fingers on just about everything...right? In this case..knowing some of the families involved..it just hit too close to home to leave the post up. So if the question ever arises if a post is doing more harm than good...it's best to take it down.