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Why I Went To Airventure This Year...

by Dave Kallaway

The reason I decided to go to Airventure..the gigantic EAA fly-in that happens in Oshkosh every year..THIS year..is because of the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds. Plain and simple..had to see them. I grew up on Ellsworth AFB out in South Dakota..and every other year or two the Thunderbirds would perform..and I just loved, loved, loved it. Their show at Airventure reminded me of bands that I've seen over and over..it's like a rock concert that never gets old. And now as a photographer I'm seeing the show with a different set of eyes. I notice new things about the Thunderbirds. As fast as they fly..it's a great challenge to get good pictures of them. Smoke trails helps a lot to illustrate them zooming by..and zoom by they did. Huge thanks to all who organize Airventure...you always put great shows in the AIR...and that's why I always VENTURE to Oshkosh every year!!