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Are The Brewers Dogging It?

by Tom King

Fox reporter Ken Rosenthal quoted a scout this week who said that "There's alot of quit in that team". He was talking about the Brewers and it followed a national report in May in which another scout said he believed that some of the players were not giving maximum effort. Well, it turns out that Manager Ron Roenicke gave some players permission not to hustle to first on routine plays because of injury concerns. The team has suffered many injuries this year and some players are coming back from leg problems. Do you have a problem with a manager telling some players they don't need to bust their ass on every play and can other players be professional enough to recognize the reason to do it? Every player is going to treat a losing season differently...some will sulk...some will continue to be a pro and play the same way whether they are winning or losing...and some will dog it through the hot summer months. It's the manager's job to weed out the malcontents and use the power of playing time to do it. I  think Roenicke is not a bad guy but the team he has to put on the field is pretty weak right now. The manager usually gets too much credit if ta team plays well and too much blame if they scuffle...it will be interesting to see if the Brewer front office agrees that no-one could have manaaged a team with this many injuries into contention. Playing hard the rest of the season will go a long waqy toward answering that question.

The Firecracker Classic is a four day American Legion baseball tournament that has run for years in Stevens Point. It's named for Ed Kardach , who was a longtime Legion baseball manager  for Post 6. I've managed the Wausau team for years and we have played in the tournament for quite awhile. It's an excellent showcase for some of the better teams in the state at beautiful Bukolt Park...plus Riverfront Rendevous is right down the river a few blocks. I think I'll be hanging out at the Rendevous for awhile on Thursday early evening and Saturday early evening...let me know if youre going to be there and we can catch a beer. 

I'll be off for a couple of days so I hope you enjoy your holiday weekend !

Songs of The Day  (from my I-pod)

Mack The Knife-Bobby Darin (1959) a swinging version of an old song from 'The Three-Penney Opera"...it became Darin;s signature tune

Mad Love-Linda Ronstadt (1980) the title track from Ronstadt's "new wave" album. Its one of three songs written by Cretone's front man Mark Goldenburg. The album was a big hit and won Linda another Grammy