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Awards And The Business Of Radio

by Tom King

You may have seen on social media over the weekend that I won three awards at the annual Wisconsin Broadcasters Association awards. It of course is flattering to be recognized at anything you do and to win a statewide award is very nice. But it doesn't drive me. It's one judge deciding they like what I did at this point in time. I would say the work I submitted wasn't any different than the work I submitted last year...and probably won't be any different than the work I submit next year. And if it was up to me I wouldn't submit at all. My philosophy in this numbers driven business has never wavered. Do the best job you can do every day and let the rest of the stuff fall where it will. I decided at an early age that radio was the field I wanted to pursue...after I figured out I would never play center field in the major leagues. After leaving the business for awhile in the 90's I've been lucky enough for the last 20 years to combine my love of sports and my love of being on the air. And you have to love what you do to get up at 230 in the morning on a daily basis. Of course the business has changed drastically since I left UWSP and 90fm back in 1979. It seems these days we are more engaged in on-line activities than on-air stuff. Everything is computerized now...at times a blessing..at other times a curse. People have many more options calling for their attention and many more ways to gather information. I am lucky enough to be part of the top-rated morning shows in a big chunk of the state. The professionals I work with every day on WSAU, Foxsports WRIG, WIFC, ROCK94.7(WBA Station of the Year) and WDEZ are determined to deliver information and entertainment in a way that you can't get anywhere else. If you are an everyday listener...thank you (we couldnt do it without you)...if you've drifted away...come back and hear us sometime...because awards or not, we'll be here. It's what we do and who we are.

The Brewers dropped three of four over the weekend and the bullpen lost two of them. You had to figure that the pen could not keep up the success they were having to start the season and there would be bumps along the road. They return home now and hope to get well against the staggering Arizona Diamondbacks starting tonight.

Will the weather finally cooperate for a full week of high school sports? We will have a baseball DH on Foxsports AM1390 & FM 93.9 tonight...first up DC Everest at Wausau West at 4:15 followed by Wausau East at Appleton North.

Songs of The Day (from my I-pod)

My Old School-Steely Dan (1973) a classic cut from the "Countdown To Ecstacy" LP about a trip to Becker & Fagen's college Bard in upstate New York and pot party bust that they were part of in 1969.

My Opening Farewell-Jackson Browne (1972) the closing track from his debut LP. What always amazed me about Browne is that someone so young could write such timeless lyrics. Could be America's greatest songwriter...and I realize what that is saying.