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Decisions, Decisions

by Tom King

Green Bay Packer GM Ted Thompson will have a alot of decisions to make as the team heads to the free agent season in March. The Packers have 15 unrestricted free agents and many of them will probably be heading elsewhere. The team could have to completely revamp the defense up front. BJ Raji, Johnny Jolly &  Ryan Pickett are all free agents. Would you bring any of them back? Maybe Jolly if the money was right. What about Jermichael Finley & Andrew Quarless? James Jones? James Starks? I think Evan-Dietrich Smith and Mike Neal will be back and probably Sam Shields. What about John Kuhn? Fullback is becoming an extinct position in the NFL but the Packers might keep him around.

Tramon Williams said yesterday that Thompson should finally go after some veteran free agents. That having alot of young players is well  good but they need more time to learn the complex schemes and preparation that the NFL requires. He's right. I agree with Thompson's strategy to do most of your building through the draft...but you need to wade into the free agent market judiciously and sign some vets to help.

Will the Packers placate the internet ravings of the fans who what somebody fired? I'm doubtful. With all of the injuries this past season I would think that McCarthy & Capers will be back. And Thompson will have a chance to fix some of his misses.

A nice matchup in Big Ten hoops tonight. Ohio State and Michigan State. Wisconsin, still ranked 4th in the nation will host Illinois on Wednesday.

Andrew Bogut returns to Milwaukee tonight with the red-hot Golden State Warriors. Golden State has a 5-0 mark against the Eastern Conference on their road trip.

Raylan Givens and Boyd Crowder return tonight as one of the best shows on televison is back. Justified airs on the FX network.

Watched a concert film last night on the Palladia channel. The group Trampled By Turtles live at the First Ave in Minneapolis. I had heard about this band but had never seen them. They are great and I am looking forward to seeing them live when they come around here again. 

Here they are as the songs of the day

Wait So Long-Trampled By Turtles (2010)

Codiene-Trampled By Turtles