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Fantasy Or Reality?

by Tom King

Many of you will be participating this week or next in that time honored tradition....the fantasy football draft. Or maybe more than one. And the question can be raised for some of you...when does fantasy overpower reality. As someone who has played fantasy baseball since the 80's and fantasy football for over 20 years I can tell you that it's easy to have that happen. When you find yourself watching a meaningless game between two teams you could care less about..,.because you have RB or reciever playing from "your team" , you know you have slipped over the line. When one of "your players" scores against your favorite team and you don't know whether to cheer of curse...you have stepped over the line. When you have your smart phone smoking in church because you are making final roster moves...you know you are a poster child for some special help.

There is no question that fantasy sports has made the games more fun to watch. There is also no question that it has skewed the way we follow and think about pro sports...and not only for the better.

Oh, and one more thing...don't talk about your fantasy team to anyone in normal conversation. Nobody cares...the only thing they might care less about is your golf game.

The Badger football team enters the season ranked #23 in the AP top 25. The Big Ten is well represented as Ohio State is #2, Michigan is #17, Nebraska is #18 and Northwestern is #22. Wisconsin faces the Buckeyes and Wildcats this season.

While the college football season hasnt even started yet..we can talk some hoops. The Badger basketball team will play 5 exhibition games in Canada this week starting on Wednesday. The games on Thursday 6pm and Sunday 7pm will be streamed live at UWBadgers.com

Had a great time up in Bayfield Saturday & Sunday. The weather was gorgeous...had an excellent dinner at Wild Rice Resturant (if you want to splurge that is the place to do it) and saw Joan Osborne at the Big Top Chatauqua. The Big Top continues to bring in top shelf entertainment every year and still has a number of great shows to come yet this summer. Lyle Lovett is there this weekend...Leo Kottke and the Indigo Girls are still to come.

Osborn was really good...did alot of stuff from her R&B drenched album Bringin It Back Home plus some classics from her Relish album including Spider Web, St Theresa and of course One Of Us. Also did Van Morrison's Tupelo Honey which was a pleasant surprise.

Going to be heading up to Wausau East today to catch football practice and see what the Lumberjacks have this year. They open the season on the road this Friday at Wisconsin Rapids.

Songs Of The Day   (from My I-pod)

Manic Monday-Bangles (1986) the first hit for the all-female band that had a short run of the success in the late 80's. The tune was written by Prince and with the ever perky Susannah Hoffs out front the band was perfect for the hey-day of MTV

Mannish Boy-Muddy Waters (1955) originally written as an answer song for Bo Diddley's "I'm A Man and Willie Dixon's "Hoochie Coochie Man", this became Muddy water's signature tune. Here is a 1971 concert video that shows the blues power of the man