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Favre-Packer Thaw Continues

by Tom King

If the so-called feud between the Packers and Brett Favre continues into the future it won't be coming from the Packers side of things. Green Bay president Mark Murphy said yesterday that he expects Favre to be part of a Packer Tailgate Tour at some point. Murphy said he expects more questions about Favre after he appeared with Aaron Rodgers on-stage at an NFL event earlier this year. Murphy has said for years he expects Favre's number 4 to be retired at some point and Favre will be at the ceremony

Murphy made the comments yesterday as he headed out on this year's off-season tour around the state with current and former players like Randall Cobb & Santana Dotson and Frank Winters. The nearest stop in Central Wisconsin is this Saturday at Witter Field in Wisconsin Rapids. Our very own Dave Kallaway will be the emcee and you can find out all the info you need elsewhere on this web-site

The Brewers pitching woes continue. They coughed up another lead last night and fell in 12 innings on an Andrew McCutchen walk-off. Jean Segura stayed hot with a homer and 2 RBI's. The two teams continue their 4 game series tonight.

I'm not quite sure what NBA voters were thinking yesterday when they left Larry Sanders off the All-Defensive team. He didnt even make the 2nd team which is a joke. Sanders was the best interior defender in the game this past season and he tweeted yesterday that "when someone robs me I don't dwell on what was taken-I can't get it back but I can work to get something even better, a championship". That should give Bucks fans hope when one of their best players is more interested in a team goal as opposed to individual honors. I wonder if everyone on the team would say the same thing.

You can hear DC Everest baseball tonight on Foxsports 1390 & FM 93.9 as the Evergreens travel to Wisconsin Rapids. Chris Conley on the call at 4:45.

Happy Birthday today to George Brett-60..John Smoltz-46..Emmit Smith-44..Desmond Howard-43..and Justin Morneau-32

Songs Of The Day   (from my I-pod)

Love Me Do-Beatles (1962) the first single written by McCartney when he was 16...Lennon wrote the middle part and also played the harmonica. A nice piece of Everly Brothers style harmony set the stage for what was to come...

Love Me, I'm A Liberal-Phil Ochs (1966) Ochs was a leftist but that didnt stop him from writing this scathing indictment of "limousine liberals". The do as I say, not as I do crowd.