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Gomez Finally Fulfills Promise

by Tom King

Potential is word fraught with danger. If you're a young athlete you obviously would like to be good enough to be known to have it...yet having it puts even more pressure on you to fullfill it. We have seen lots of players loaded with "potential" crash and burn for various reasons over the years. For a long while it appeared that Carlos Gomez would be one of those players. After being aquired by the Twins from the Mets in the blockbuster Johann Santana trade, Gomez was thought of as a speedy slap hitter and struggled mightily to fulfill the expectations placed upon him. Since being brought in to Milwaukee he has been seen as just a guy...fast but not very productive with the bat...which made it a bit surprising when the team gave him the high priced contract extension that they did. Maybe it was the confidence that the move showed...or the fact that he could relax and just play...or the fact that Milwaukee allowed him to unleash some surprising power...but Gomez has put together an excellent season. He should make the All-Star team and at least for now has replaced the injured Ryan Braun in the #3 spot in the batting order...no one would have believed that 4 years ago. 

Triple overtime in a Stanley Cup Final game? What's not to like about that. The Blackhawks win as the puck deflects in off the thigh of Andrew Shaw.

The US Open begins today at Merion in Pennsylvania. The tournament returns to a cozy classic course for probably the last time. It's just too short for todays players and equipment. The US Open is not supposed to generate super low scores...this one probably will. Two Wisconsin players are in the field...Steve Stricker and Jerry Kelly.

The Woodchucks lost to Lakeshore last night 11-4. They host the Chinooks again tonight. I'll be in the booth with Jim Sannes tonight on Foxsports1390 & FM 93.9 at 6:15

Songs Of The Day   (from my I-pod)

Lowdown-Chicago(1971) a Peter Cetera/Danny Seraphine song that features a great Terry kath guitar solo...this band could rock out back in the day.

Lucille-Every Brothers (1960) a cleaned up version of the Little Richard rave-up...gotta love those harmonies