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Is NFL Overexposed?

by Tom King

You probably read the comments of Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban a few weeks ago when he said he thought the NFL might be getting "hoggy". He was referring to the Wall Street saying that" pigs get fat and hogs get slaughtered". He was referring to the NFL adding a tv package for Thursday nights in which games will be shown on both CBS and The NFL Network. Well, Packer president Mark Murphy responded this week and said it's good to take the advice as words of caution but that the NFL has never been more popular. He noted that all but 1 of the top 35 highest rated TV shows from a year ago were NFL games. But he also said that the cost of going to a game are becoming an issue for many fans and the league needs to maximize the experience. He said while the Packers wouldnt be the first team to try it the league may follow baseball's example and have different ticket prices depending on who a team's opponent would be. I think that while coverage of some things like the draft are overblown leading up to the actual event, if people want this stuff the league will continue to provide it. And in my opinion, there will always be a place for more live sports on TV. With all of the channels looking for programming it would seem that live sports is an easy and fulfilling choice. Especially with the live, stadium experience being priced out of many fan's budgets.

Songs Of The Day (from my I-pod)

My Own Way To Rock-Burton Cummings (1977) one of those unmistakeable voices in rock...from the Guess Who to this smokin' solo track...this should have been a big hit

My Pledge Of Love-Joe Jeffrey Group (1969) a soulful one hit wonder...smooth