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Keep Your Realism To Yourself

by Tom King

I'm not a soccer fan. But like the Olympics every four years, the World Cup will grab my attention for the next few weeks. The idea of it being a world event and the fact that most of the world takes it much more seriously than we do is the attraction. And like most sporting events of this nature...there are probably only a handful of teams that have a shot at winning. The coach of Team USA doesnt think his team is one of them. Now I understand being realistic and tempering expectations and I would imagine that deep down most American fans would agree that we don't have much of a shot. But for the coach of the team to say that out loud before the first game is played strikes me as massively counterproductive. Jurgen Klinsmann is the coach. he's a German that has been brought in to try and help Team USA take the next step and become a world soccer power. He has already pissed off alot of American fans by not including long-time star Landon Donovan on the World Cup squad. Donovan, as you might expect, doesnt agree with Klinsmann's view and the players on the quad don't either. You have to believe you can do it before you go out there. Can the US beat Germany, Brazil or Italy? Maybe not...but nobody thought Buster Douglas could beat Mike Tyson...nobody thought the Mets would ever win the World Series before 1969...and nobody thought that a bunch of college kids could ever beat the Russiand in Olympic hockey. I won't be surprised if the United States doesnt advance too far in the World Cup...but wouldnt it be glorious if they do.

It's a perfect storm of sports today and this weekend. World Cup soccer(Team USA plays their first game on Monday vs Ghana), the US Open golf tournament begins today at Pinehurst in NC...NBA finals game 3 tonight in Miami...the Stanley Cup finals are still alive after New York won last night, game 5 is tomorrow in LA...The Brewers have one more in New York before returning home this weekend against Cincy...the Woodchucks play at home tonight against Green bay before hitting the road again...the State Girls Softball Tournament starts today in Madison (Stevens Point, Mosinee & Rapids Assumption are representing Central Wisc)...and the American Legion baseball season gets underway (Wausau is home on Friday at 7 and Saturday & Sunday at noon at Athletic park)...enjoy

Songs Of The Day (from my I-pod)

New Coat of Paint-Tom Waits(1974) from the excellent "Heart Of Saturday Night" album...I prefer the jazzy-bluesy Waits of the 70's to his more bizarre stuff of later

New Country-Jean-Luc Ponty(1976) part of the jazz-fusion movement of the 70's. A very good album called Imaginary Voyage