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Kelly Faces Toughest Test

by Tom King

Former Buffalo Bills quarterback Jim Kelly is a tough guy. He has faced alot of adversity in his life and I'm not even talking about losing four Super Bowls in a row. He's had too many surgeries to count. He and his wife Jill lost a son as a young child. He has battled cancer and now the cancer is winning. As Peter King has detailed in his Monday Morning Quarterback column this week Kelly now faces hard-core chemo this week to see if they can control the cancer long enough to perform surgery. The problem is that it's not one big tumor...it's many tiny tumors which are close to invading his brain. He's already had a large portion of his jaw removed in a previous surgery to try and arrest the spread of the cancer. He is surrounded my family as he fights what could be his last battle. So when you hear someone talk about some game being a life & death matter or an athlete facing the toughest challenge of his life...be aware if you arent already that the toughest battles are not fought on the playing field...they are fought in hospitals, and surgical bays...and therapy rooms...and in a person's own mind...and that the most successful of professional athletes are not immune.

A good start for the Brewers on Monday as they shut out the Braves 2-0. Yovanni Gallardo pitched six innings and the bullpen work of Brandon Kintzler, Will Smith and Frankie Rodriguez was stellar. I think the bullpen is going to be the difference for the Brewers this season.

K-Rod got the save chance because manager Ron Roenicke didnt like the way Jim Henderson had been throwing the ball. We'll see if that continues.

Ryan Braun received a standing ovation before his first at-bat and the national media went into a frenzy on social media. One Illinois based pundit called the Brewer fans "idiots". What do you think...a standing O too much?

The Pointers have moved their baseball and softball games to a sports complex in Mauston for this week. Too much snow remains in Stevens Point. The baseball team will face Oshkosh in a doubleheader today. The sofrball team will play Oshkosh on Wednesday , Stout on saturday and River Falls on Sunday.

Songs Of The Day (from my I-pod)

Move It On Over-George Thorogood & The Destroyers (1978) from his second album comes this scorching version of a Hank Williams classic

Move Over-Steppenwolf (1969) not all protest songs were sung with an acoustic guitar