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Let The Games Begin!

by Tom King

I've been a fan of the Winter Olympics for a long time. I remember watching them as a youngster on ABC with Jim McKay as the ringmaster and supreme talents like Peggy Fleming and Jean Claude Killy showing their skills...but it was 1976 when I really got into it. The Games were in Innsbruck Austria and I was a freshman at UW-Stevens Point. Stuck in my dorm room at Watson Hall on a snowy February night doing homework I had a small black & white tv tuned into the Games when an Austrian skiier named Franz Klammer forged his name into Olympic history. I'm not a skier...have only tried it a couple of times...but even I could sense the edge that Klammer brought to his downhill run. He was on the brink of falling spectacularly on almost every turn and jump. He teetered on the edge of skis to get every last bit of speed he could and ended up winning gold. It was a run that was re-run numerous times over the years...but right then...it made me a Winter Olympic fan.

I'm not as crusty as Bob Costas who described some of the added sports like snowboarding as "Jackass" style sports but I'm more of a traditionalist...skiing, skating, luge & bobsled and hockey...and alright curling too. Let the games begin and let the stories of some of these great athletes be told. You havent heard of some of these people yet but you will and you will be amazed.

The Pointer mens basketball team had their unbeaten streak end last night in Whitewater. The Warhawks are a good team and battled back from a five point deficit with 1:27 to play to send it to OT. UWSP still has a strangle hold on the conf lead but now has a weekend off to stew about this loss.

Former major league pitcher Curt Schilling has cancer. I didnt always agree with his politics but as a big game play-off pitcher there were few better. His place in Red Sox lore is a good one as the 'bloody sock' game was one of the highlights of the magical year of 2004. get well soon

Songs of The Day   (from my I-pod)

Missing-Bruce Springsteen(1996) you may have missed this haunting track that was used in the film 'The Crossing Guard" starring Jack Nicholson and directed by Sean Penn

Missing Person-Eric Clapton & JJ Cale (2006) from one of my favorite albums, "The Road To Escondido"...just a great laid-back pairing of two huge talents