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New Crop Of Rock & Roll Hall-Of-Famers Is A Good One

by Tom King

The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame has been taking some hits of late...and I don't mean the Top Ten kind. Some are saying that the Hall has become too inclusive. That some selections should not be classified as Rock & Roll. That the name of the place should be changed to the Music Hall Of Fame. To this I say lighten up. Rock & Roll has always been a large umbrella. From the early days of R & B and country & blues melding into rockabilly, soul & folk-rock...the definition of what is Rock & Roll is always evolving. Are Disco & Hip-Hop Rock? How about Dylan & Baez? Weather Report? I say yes to all of it. If it doesnt exactly fit the traditional definition they certainly can say they were shaped, changes and expanded by a rock & roll sensibility. Since Big Joe Turner begat Elvis and Chuck, Little Richard & Jerry Lee, since Buddy Holly begat the Beatles which led to the Byrds, CCR  and the Everly Brothers gave us the Hollies  which led to CSNY & the Eagles. Since the Stones were followed by the The Who, Led Zep & Nirvana...everything fed off everything else and continues to give us this wide palatte of music to enjoy...so don't get hung up on the name...just groove on the tunes man.

This years inductees were announced yesterday. They are KISS, Peter Gabrial, Linda Ronstadt, Nirvana, Hall & Oates & Cat Stevens. Here are some selections

Strutter-Kiss (1974)

Don't Give Up-Peter Gabriel

9 Diff Songs from 1980 Concert-Linda Ronstadt


She's Gone-Hall & Oates...from the c;assic English TV Show Old Grey Whistle Test...my favorite Hall & Oates song....pure blue-eyed soul

Peace Train-Cat Stevens (1971)

How bout those Packers? Even when it looked bleak a couple of weeks ago...you had to think that the Lions were going to play back to the rest...and now both Green Bay & Chicago control their own destinys...that 12/29 game at Soldier Field could be the decider. The two comebacks the last two weeks still don't cover up how bad the team has been especially the run defense.

I'll be at Marathon Park tonight for high school hockey as DC Everest takes on Wausau East at 7pm...that is the first game of our doubleheader on Foxsports Radio AM 1390 & FM 93.9