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Odds & Ends

by Tom King

As we head to the weekend a number of observations.....

Jabari Parker will be a very good pick for the Bucks...and their other picks could be good too.

Don't say the Brewers are a fluke anymore. They are for real and have a chance for the most victories in club history.

The Woodchucks are a resiliant group. they fell behind before tying the game with 5 in the bottom of the ninth...lost the lead in the 10th...tied it again...and won it in the 15th inning. Up way past my bed time.

Stop dissing the World Cup. If you don't like soccer you don't have to trumpet it to everyone you meet. Just don't watch...no one is making you.

A minimum of three tough games this weekend for the Wausau Post 10 Bulldogs. We take on Appleton tonight and Sun Prairie & Kimberly tomorrow at Sunset Park in Kimberly. Depending on how we do we could play on Sunday as well.

Happy Birthday to Lorrie Morgan who turns 55

Crazy-Lorrie Morgan channeling Patsy Cline

A Picture Of Me Without You-Lorrie Morgan (1991) Morgan takes on a Georg Jones classic and nails it