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Old School Cold

by Tom King

The last issue of Sports llustrated had a great feature story from Peter King  on the last NFL Championship game to be played in New York. It happened on Dec 30th 1962 and featured the New York Giants and Green Bay Packers and some of the facts from that game will give you a chuckle...

* The players wore wool long johns and kept warm with fires burning in trash cans on the sideline

* the temp was 12 and the wind gusted to 40 mph...no talk of wind chills back then

* the winners share was $6000

* the game was blacked out on New York TV

* you couldnt read about it either...the New York papers were on strike

* the Packers stayed at the Hotel Manhattan which no longer exists

* reporters rode to the game on the Team bus

* Chris Schenkel and Ray Scott called the game for NBC

* Packer O-lineman Jerry Kramer was also the teams kicker and had 3 field goals

* the halftime entertainment was the Cardinal Dougherty High School band

* most players went back to their off-season jobs after the game..Herb Adderly was a beer salesman

Vince Lombardi said after the game "I think it was about as fine a football game as I have ever seen and I think we saw football as it was meant to be played" I don't know if he was being ironic with that last part because nobody involved this week wants to recreate those conditions and yet when you hear all the whining this week about the weather..remember the guys who built this league and what they went through. No concussion protocols...very little padding and the defense could basically hit you anywhere and as hard as they could...Jerry Kramer called the 62 title game his best memory and when you read about the game you can sense the pride that these guys took in not only battling each other but the elements as well.

Congrats to Trevor Hass of the UWSp mens basketball team as he sets a new school record with 45 points in the Saturday win over La Crosse. Hass was 13-17 from the field and hit 9 three pointers. The Pointers are now 18-0 and will host Eau Claire on Wednesday.

Songs of The Day  (from my I-pod)

The Mines of Mozambique-Bruce Cockburn (1996) the Canadian singer-songwriter takes on the issue of 3rd world conflict and the effects on the kids of a country like Mozambique...from his album "Charity of The Night"

Mingus Eyes-Richard Thompson (1994) another criminally unappreciated songwriter and performer. This is from an album called Mirror Blue and this version is from the Live In Austin album which is where you should start with him