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One Last Hurrah

by Tom King

The San Antonio Spurs are old. Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, Manu Ginobli...all grizzled veterans on the downhill slope of excellent careers. So how is it that the Spurs dispatched the Memphis Grizzlies in four straight and will play in the NBA Championship Series against either Miami or Indiana? A big reason is their coach, Greg Popovich. Since Phil Jackson hung up his whistle, Popovich is the best coach in the league and the system he has installed and honed to a fine edge with this team is why they always seem to be competitive and are ready for at least one last run at a title.

I guess it wouldn't matter if it was a game five or game nine or game 11. Anytime a team is facing elimination from any sporting activity it raises the bar and usually raises the game's of the participants. And nowhere is this more true than the NHL. The Stanley Cup playoffs are a breed apart when it comes to playoff intensity. And hockey players also stand apart when it comes to separating the money and fame and everything else from the intense will to win. I believe there are some NHL players that would give up their salary for the year if they could win the Cup. They've already given up their teeth. Maybe its the fact that hockey has long been viewed as a niche sport. Never as popular as football, baseball or hoops...sometimes even falling behind racing in the fan's pecking order. Maybe it's the intensity of the fans. Hockey fans also raise the bar. You may think the crowds at a Packer game are into it...It's been said that the most raucous place in the NBA is Golden State...and we all know about the Cameron Crazies at Duke...but they are nothing compared to a crowd at the Shark Tank...or The Joe...or a Flyers, Leafs or Penguins game. If you have never been a hockey fan it's a great time to sample it right now. Two Game Seven's in the Western Conference. Tonight the defending champion LA Kings host the San Jose Sharks...and tomorrow Chicago will host Detroit. Even watching on TV you will be able to see this is something special....and it's not even the finals

High school tournament baseball today on Foxsports AM1390 & FM 93.9. First up will be New London at Wausau East at 4:15 followed by Green Bay West at DC Everest.

John Fogarty's new album is available today. It's called ' I Wrote A Song For Everyone" and features Fogarty and a host of different artists putting new spins on CCR classics. The guests include Brad Paisley, Alan Jackson, Foo Fighters, Keith Urban, Kid Rock, Bob Seger, Jennifer Hudson, Zac Brown band, and Miranda Lambert. The set list looks excellent.

Songs of The Day  (from my I-pod) here are some Fogarty Originals

Someday Never Comes-CCR (1972) one of their final hits after a great run

Proud Mary-CCR (1969) the classic which peaked at #2. The band had five consecutive singles peak at #2. The new version of this will feature Jennifer Hudson.