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Rain, Rain Go Away

by Tom King

Even the farmers want the rain to stop. The fields are too wet to work and the athletic fields around Central Wisconsin are too wet to play. The Woodchucks were rained out last night after just one inning. It's been raining for two days straight and both the Chucks and the Rapids Rafters have home games tonight. Plus the State Girls Softball tournament is scheduled to start today in madison. Stevens Point takes on Germantown in a D-1 game. Wausau Newman is in action tomorrow in D-4 and Pacelli plays in D-3. There is girls soccer sectional action today and the baseball teams are still trying to finish up their sectionals around the state. Plus Legion baseball is scheduled to start tomorrow as well. We've had enough rain for a few weeks so if you have any pull with Mother Nature...get the spigots turned off.

The NBA finals begin tonight. Two good back stories...Can Lebron James(the best player in basketball) drag his team to a second straight championship?.or do the 'old'guys, Tim Duncan, Tony Parker and Manu Ginobli have enough in the tank for one more run?

It looks like Boston will be knocking out Pittsburgh in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. The Penguins are loaded with talent...but that doesnt necessarily win in the playoffs. Tonight the Kings will try and get even with the Blackhawks.

Songs of The day   (from my I-pod)

Lover Man-Billie Holliday (1945) a huge hit for "Lady Day" here is a live version 9  years after her hit

Lovers Cross-Jim Croce (1973) from his last studio album "I Got A Name", released shortly before the plane crash that took his and Maury's life. These two were great together...Croce's songs and Maury's guitar playing