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by Tom King

I remember those men & women who answered the call and never came home...from Bunker Hill to New Orleans...from The Alamo to Gettysburg...from Flanders Field...to Bellau Wood...to Pearl Harbor & Iwo Jima & Normandy & Anzio ...from the Chosin Resevoir to Khe Sanh....from Fallajuh to Helmand...and all of the other desolate spots around the globe. I don't always agree with our leaders choices to be there...but there is no questioning the courage required to step into a situation when many others would be quick to find a way out. .

Visit a cemetery today...buy a poppy or two...and continue the rest of the year to pressure our leaders to not only remember but to use the sacrifice of our men and women as their conscience when considering future conflicts. And continue to work for a system that helps the one's who do come back to re-integrate into a society that may have become foreign to them...we owe them nothing less. The military veterans who have died here (many from their own hand) are also fallen heroes. That we, as a society, can ignore the situations like that, says more about us than many would care to admit.