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Scratching My Head

by Tom King

Things that are confusing me....

The Badgers collapse in the second half on Saturday night. No change at QB despite McAvoy having no clue where his passes were going. The little use of Melvin Gordon in the second half although I have a juicy rumor about why that was. Gary Andersen said after the game that Gordon may have been dinged up a bit but I heard(and I have no way of confirming this) that Gordon was making a very persistent case for Joel Stave in the locker room at halftime and it so annoyed the coach that Gordon was left on the sideline for much of the second half. Once again, this may be BS but it would certainly explain why your Heisman Trophy candidate didnt get fed the ball as you were trying to protect a lead.

The Brewers lack of offense. This is pretty much the same group that went off to a big lead early in the year. Teams go through ups and downs during a season but if they cant right the ship quickly they will see an excellent season come to nothing. I've always said that all teams win 60 and lose 60, its what you do with the other 42 that make the season. Looking at it that way, the Brewers are still above .500 and control their own destiny with a bunch of games vs the Cardinals and Pirates remaining.

The Houston Astros fire their manager Bo Porter yesterday. This is a team that was built to lose...they had no chance to compete from Day 1 and it was a choice by upper management to blow the operation up a few years ago...stockpile high draft choices and try to compete in a few years...all the while charging full price for what was supposed to be a major league team. And yet they fire the manager. They say it was to change the clubhouse culture and maybe Porter's presence was becoming toxic...but it sure looks like he's the scapegoat for the choices made by those above him...and had no chance to succeed..

Had my fantasy football draft yesterday and I know you don't care. I agree that nothing is more boring than listening to someone talk about their golf game or their fantasy sports teams...but I'm the defending champion of a a long-time league (won it for the first time ever last season) and I think I'm set up to make a run at it again this year. For those of you who don't play fantasy sports..it certainly makes those meaningless games in December watchable.

Songs Of The Day (from my I-pod)

Nostradamus-Al Stewart (1973) One of Stewart's historical songs...from an excellent album called "Past, Present & Future

Not A Second Time-Robert Palmer (1980) Palmer does a synth drenched cover of a John Lennon tune from "Meet The Beatles". Lennon said he was trying to write a "Smokey Robinson" type song. The Pretenders also do a great cover of this.